a documentary film about the residents
in the shadow of atlanta’s mercedes-benz stadium

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We've heard a lot about the stadium. This is the residents' story.

The Super Bowl came and went, but the stadium’s next door neighbors are still here. This film shines a light on a subject much more in need of attention than football:

The glaring inequity highlighted by a state-of-the-art venue across from a historic neighborhood whose demise we’ve allowed for decades.

We — Atlanta — have let these neighborhoods become an eyesore of the city, the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. This film explores the culture that saw fit to invest hundreds of millions of public dollars in a sports venue while neglecting the community just across the street. 

Watch the trailer.

I used to call it Godzilla, because it’s like ‘Godzilla’s coming!’ The SuperBowl is going to be held right here. So what’s going to happen? What’s going to happen then?

Will they even think about all the promises that have been made? Or will we still be waiting for the change?
— Rosario Hernandez, English Avenue resident